About Me

I have been in education for just over two decades, but it certainly does feel like more. I feel like I am in the sunset of my career in the classroom, and I am using this blog to document my journey of this year, along with building my future. While teaching in elementary and middle school classrooms, in a variety of levels and locations, I have always dreamt of developing curriculum. While I love the moment students ‘get it,’ and I love being involved in shaping the future of our world through sparking the joy of learning for its own sake, personally what brings greatest satisfaction is creating the lessons and designing the learning.

I am finding that at this point in my career I am having difficulties matching my passion, my knowledge, and my level of expertise, along with my personal commitment to familial obligations, to what is available in the field of education. Or, it is possible, that I just don’t know much beyond what is possible. So… I am going to spend this year sharing my dream with all of you, and making my own possibilities.

Currently, I am a math teacher for a small school, in its third year. I am the only math teacher for grades 4, and 6 through 8. There is no grade 5 yet. We teach students at their level, and in a progressive way. While I have developed curriculum based on a textbook in the past two years, this year I am hoping to develop my own, personalized curriculum, and share that with you. I am trying to challenge myself.

As for my credentials, in case that matters to you. I have a B.A. in Psychology, an M.Ed. in Elementary Education, and an M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Beyond these degrees, I have taken many additional credits to earn the steps necessary for staying power in public school. I have taught in urban and suburban public schools, as well as my current school, a suburban private institution, of which I was a founding faculty member.

“Don’t overthink it.”

-Mrs. Portnoy