Back from a pause, 2020 +

So, now I have a new gig… I took the leap of faith, pushed by 2020 and all that the pandemic has brought.

This will be a personal-ish post. For any of you who have been following my writing, I haven’t written anything new in a long time. Actually, I haven’t posted anything in awhile on this page. I do have a draft, sitting. I can’t post it because it is like a game of ping pong. I argue with myself, back and forth, about the merits of how school should be- open, not open, virtual, real-world learning, focus on health, focus on relationships, no focus… It got ridiculous, because every time I went to finish my draft I had a new, very strong, opinion, about education in these “unprecedented times.” So, I am leaving it be. I am sure you can relate to how emotions, and even facts, have changed since we began in our “new norm.”

So, now I have a new gig… I took the leap of faith, pushed by 2020 and all that the pandemic has brought. My kids were virtual learners, and even though my kids are teens, I felt I needed to be there for them. Blessed that I was told I could not teach remotely for my private school, I had to resign teaching in the classroom, something I loved for over two decades, and now I am doing something intellectually that is pushing me in ways that I haven’t done since my college days. I look forward to the days of turning my brain power into an extensive network of helping others and, hopefully, reaping those rewards. But for now, I am so appreciative of the path in my journey given to me by the silver linings in pandemic.

Here’s a snapshot of part of today. Not only I am writing in my Talking Math blog, a subject about which I am passionate, but I am able to multitask as a mom, an educator and an entrepreneur. I helped review some Algebra 1 content with my 8th grade daughter during her class period. During her virtual schooling she has come to rely on my love of the subject (lucky her?). I kept our 5-month old puppy occupied while completing the FAFSA application for our high school senior. Then, I returned some emails and publicized my new business’ October special.

Oh, did I tell you, I started a business! Check it out….

Next post… more about how and why I started my business. It embodies Talking Math philosophy. You can access the blog from the website’s resource page.

Faith, Family, Football:

Sunday Priorities? Perhaps.

How do we determine priorities?

It’s another Sunday. I am not planning for the week tonight, but I will probably assess some tests, if I can muster the energy. This week has been one of reflection, about education, its state, and my place in it.

So what are the priorities this Sunday? Family, for sure. We spent a lot of time together on this rainy Sunday. To me, some of the best days are the nothing days, the days when everyone is home, doing nothing, or avoiding what they should be doing, television on, and just hanging out. It’s even better with football games on, in today’s case in the background, with the big games to come tonight, and tomorrow night.

Was there nagging to do more chores? Of course! Was there even more encouragement to do reading and homework? Definitely! Not sure how effective I was today, but, then again, I know when to fight the battles, and today was not one of them.

On this Sunday, not motivated by a particular football team, it’s even more of a time to reflect upon the gifts of faith and family that push me to continue in the field of education. This week has tested me. I did not work directly with students this week and without the ultimate beneficiaries of my dedication I find it easy to start dreaming of what life would be like with another profession. What would my hours be like? Would I have more time to read for pleasure? Would I have more energy so that my house would be cleaner or I would exercise? Would I have saved more money so that I could be in my “happy place” on the water of CI, VA instead of dreaming of it?

The flip question has to be, what would education be without me? The same, for sure. I mean, seriously… I am just one person, easily replaced in a job, even in a career, as everyone is. If there is one thing I have learned in my 2 1/2 decades in the “real world,” it is one is only irreplaceable to their family. With that perspective, however, my reflection this week centered around career goals and what type of impact I want to make on the field of education. After 22 years in education, is it time to move on and find another field where I can utilize talents and potentially focus on other talents? A perfect storm of a pro-con list… but in reality, the cons outweigh the pros. I am not done impacting students. I just want to do it on a grander scale. You are all a part of my dream because you have taken the time to read my blog posts, and explore my presence on this site and on social media.

In future days and weeks to come, please visit back for resources, for more discussion, for information on my presentations, for my curriculum, for education. Faith comes in all forms, and this Sunday I reflect on a week that has led me to regain faith in myself. Thank you to my family and my like-family for always supporting me. And, well, football… thank you for my escape.